Join us!


We are launching Harvard Healthy Living to help members of the greater Harvard, MA community to live healthier lives. Of course, healthy living is a multidimensional goal and therefore we’ll be seeking to attract and honor many different perspectives on how healthy living can be achieved. Our work will focus on the key foundational elements of healthy eating, fitness, personal growth and sustainable living.

We hope to share the latest thinking of scientists, spiritual leaders, life coaches, doctors, athletes, nutritionists, therapists, psychologists, cooks, engineers and lifestyle advocates. But mostly, we want to get a conversation going in the greater Harvard, MA community about what healthy living means and how best to pursue it.

We are hopeful that local professionals on relevant topics will share their expertise with the community and that people with personal experiences, including fears and hesitancies, will share those too. The most important thing is that we all start sharing, listening and acting to help each other live the best most healthy lives possible.

So we hope you will join us in supporting this new effort to promote healthy living in Harvard. It should be a lot of fun!